There are no limits on how far a pet owner will go in order to make their furry friend happy. From sharing their dinner to checking them into luxury pet spas, some will do almost anything – including packing their bags for greener pastures. In fact, according to Rover who polled 500 dog parents, 69% of them said they would actually move to better accommodate their dog’s needs – which got us thinking. What are the most dog-friendly cities in Canada?

As per a recent study conducted by the dog-walking app, the fastest growing pet-friendly city is actually located in the Prairies of all places!

By ranking each city based on the growth rate of new dog accounts made between June 2021 and March of 2022, Rover determined that Cochrane, Alberta was #1, followed by Squamish, BC and Winnipeg, Manitoba.


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“While many people moved during the pandemic, dog parents needed to find homes that suit their family’s unique needs.” they wrote.

“Where pet parents relocated in the last two years was influenced by pandemic-related movements like working from home and wanting more space (like a house with a fenced yard).”

In addition, Rover mentions that finding pet-friendly apartments, was also a struggle -luckily, many found success in the following cities.

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Here are the other cities that made the list of Fastest-Growing Dog-Friendly cities in Canada:

  1. Cochrane, Alberta
  2. Squamish, British Columbia
  3. Winnipeg, Manitoba
  4. Fredericton, New Brunswick
  5. Halifax, Nova Scotia
  6. Milton, Ontario
  7. Québec City, Québec
  8. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Surprised? We sure were!

To see their entire study for yourself, check out the link here.

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