Happy Diwali! One of the best ways to celebrate during Diwali is by lighting up the sky with fireworks. And you’re sure to see a few of these spectacles take over the skies in Toronto and the surrounding areas, on Monday.

Before you make your purchases, it’s important to know where and when you’re allowed to set off fireworks in your city. Depending on where you live in the GTA, you may need a permit to do so.

Celebrations are expected to be so big that even Environment Canada issued a Special air quality statement for the City of Toronto.

The statement was issued due to “the possibility of deteriorating air quality as a result of fireworks for Diwali,” shared EC. “Light winds and stagnating weather conditions are expected to cause increasing levels of air pollution. Air quality may deteriorate locally if the smoke from fireworks remains at or descends to ground level.”

Affected areas include Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, and nearby areas.

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Here’s what you need to know about setting off fireworks for Diwali in and around Toronto:


What to know: The City of Mississauga permits anyone to only set off fireworks at home on specific holidays, including Diwali. You’ll have to get a permit for usage on any other day other than the specific holidays. According to the city, fireworks cannot be used on a public street, park, or road without a permit. For more info, click here.


What to know: If you want to set off fireworks in Toronto for Diwali, you’ll need a permit. Fireworks are only allowed on your own private property on Victoria Day and Canada Day until 11 PM. Click here to read more on this.


What to know: Brampton residents are allowed to set off short-range fireworks that travel less than three metres, on their private property for Diwali and other specific holidays. No permit is needed in order to do so. As for anything bigger, that’s illegal. You can get a Penalty Notice that ranges from $250 to $350 or Court imposed fines ranging from $500 to $5,000. “All other rocket-type fireworks are banned in Brampton.” Read more here. ​


What to know: The City of Vaughan only allows fireworks to be used on Victoria Day or Canada Day. So for Diwali, you’ll need a Fireworks Display Permit from the city to light them up. Read more about it here.