Like many of you, we’ve lost count of how many streaming services we have subscriptions to. From Netflix to HayU, Shutter and Prime, Canadians are spoiled for choice, but the horizons are about to get even broader. Today is a big day, bingers because Disney+ has officially launched Star, a built-in entertainment hub meant to cater to a more ‘adult’ audience.

With over 500 movies and 150 TV shows from Hulu, 20th Century Studios and FX, Canadians will get lost in a mountain of drama, comedy, romance and horror.

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Of course, quality titles like 500 Days of Summer, Die Hard and Alien, won’t come free! There are a few things that are definitely worth noting here. First, in order to have access to Star, you have to have an existing Disney+ account, and second, they will be raising prices on the platform.

Now, instead of paying $8.99 per month, new users will have to pay $11.99. Existing customers won’t see this change until the summer, but just know that it is coming!

Considering how much more content that they’ve just added with Star, it honestly makes sense to us, but what do you guys think? Are you excited to check it out despite the subscription hike, or will you say goodbye to your Disney+ account? Let us know in the comments!

Happy viewing, Canada!