Well, folks, it looks like Disney is officially losing its magic touch in Canada. You might remember earlier this year when we reported that Disney was closing all of its stores in Canada. Today, that’s almost true as the company has confirmed the closure of 10 more stores. What does that leave Canada with? 3 whole stores.

According to Retail Insider, Canada’s three remaining Disney stores will be located around the GTA at CF Toronto Eaton Centre, Scarborough Town Centre, and Vaughan Mills, but these are only expected to be open until mid-August. So it’s tough luck for those of us living on the west coast and interior. But the good news according to the company is that we can all just hop online and shop there instead. Isn’t part of the magic visiting the stores in person?

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All stores in Manitoba and Alberta will be closing, while the rest of the new closures will occur in Ontario.

Now we will say if you’re a hardcore fan outside of the GTA, you’ll be able to start shopping liquidation sales at closing locations starting today (July 26th) until closing on August 6th. If you live in the GTA you can still shop the liquidation sales at closing locations in Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Upper Canada Mall), Hamilton (CF Lime Ridge), Ottawa (CF Rideau Centre), and London (CF Masonville Place). So we’ll call that a silver lining.

Why are they closing? Well, it probably has to do with the world’s changing retail market. Most things are online at this point and there’s not really a need for 300 worldwide stores. So while we’ll miss the Disney store, it looks like this is just an excuse to plan a trip to Disney World or Disney Land when the US border reopens.

Let’s see what digital magic Disney makes in their move online and if you live in the GTA enjoy the Disney stores for the rest of us.