Eating is supposed to be a feast for the sense, literally. But with the world we live in, there are plenty of distractions to keep you from fully enjoying your meal. A new dining experience is looking to change that, welcome Dining in the Dark Seattle.

Dining in the Dark Seattle is a foodie experience that “invites you to explore the full potential of your taste buds in a uniquely entertaining atmosphere.”

You’ll be blindfolded for the entirety of a curated 3-course meal. Without your sight, your other sense will be enhanced allowing for a truly sensorial and unique experience.  

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dining in the dark seattle
Photo via Dining in the Dark

Dining in the Dark has three separate menus a vegan menu, seafood, and meat option. While exact dishes are kept secret, some of the dish descriptions include a starter where “land and sea unite on your plate” and a main where a “combination of sweet and savory … will make your mind spin.”

Keep in mind that specific “allergies and dietary requirements can be catered for within reason in advance.”

It’s also worth noting that this event is a pop-up and happening for a limited time. At the moment there are only three dates with two seatings available. So as always if you’d like to attend be sure to book your tickets as soon as possible. 

Dining in the Dark Seattle

When: July 14th & 25th, August 8th
Where: 809 5th Ave
Cost: $90 per person