Hungry for something new? Dine Out Vancouver 2024 might have officially wrapped over the weekend, but these Vancouver restaurants have opted to extend their menus for a little while longer. So if you didn’t get the chance to treat yourself to something tasty at Canada’s largest food & drink festival, now’s your chance.

After receiving positive feedback on their menus and dining experiences, these spots around the city have chosen to extend their Dine Out 2024 programs:

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  • Cardero’s Restaurant (until February 8th)
  • The Sandbar (until February 8th)
  • Seasons in the Park (until February 8th)
  • Gringo Davie (until February 10th)
  • Glowbal (until February 10th)
  • Italian Kitchen (until February 10th)
  • Black + Blue (until February 10th)
  • Coast (until February 10th)
  • Riley’s Fish & Steak (until February 10th)
  • Five Sails (until February 10th)
  • Trattoria (until February 10th)
  • C|Prime (until February 11th)
  • Water Street Cafe (until February 11th)
  • Archer Dining (until February 11th)

Oh, and there’s also another East Van Dumpling Crawl coming up on Wednesday, February 7th!

Every year, Dine Out Vancouver brings the best food in the city right to your plate with just over two weeks’ worth of delicious events and tasting menus. And while the majority of restaurants may have ended their program, it’s clearly not too late to be a part of this year’s festival.

So check out some menus while you can and treat yourself, Vancouver. You deserve it!