Need a change in scenery, but can’t afford to quit your job? In 2023, the solution could be simple for those who work remotely – just pack your bags! From Greece to Croatia there are culturally rich places all over Europe that offer a Digital Nomad Visa to Canadians looking to explore – it’s really just a matter of where the winds of change will take you first.

Not sure what your options are? Here are just a few countries across the continent where you might be eligible to work abroad!


Interested in moving where the water is blue and the beaches are sandy? Consider Croatia! To qualify, foreign remote workers must prove that they bring in $3,436.11 CAD every month.

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Whether you’re employed by an organization or establishment outside of Estonia or exude self-made, self-employed energy, those who make at least $6,534.38 CAD a month could be eligible for an Estonian digital nomad visa. Check it out!

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Located on the coast of western Europe, Portugal offers a remote working visa to those non-EU and non-EEA travellers. The only catch? Those interested must make four times the national minimum wage per month.

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If, of course, you make around $5,084.34 CAD you could instead, live in Greece for a year. For more information, visit the link below!

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Are you a remote worker who makes $9,300.97 CAD per month? You could be issued a long-term visa for remote work for up to 180 days in Iceland.

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Valid for up to a year, those looking to move to Malta can do so as long as they have a yearly gross income of $47,030.22 CAD and should be able to prove they are self-employed, a freelancer or under a company registered outside the Country.

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Now, go forth and enjoy working abroad, adventure seekers! The world is your oyster, you might just need a Digital Nomad Visa to explore Europe.