Today we’re taking a look back at a crazy piece of history this city holds. Did you know we’re almost 31 years to-the-day since one local stuntman made the death defying leap across two tall Toronto buildings? Now you know! His name was (and still is) Roy T. Anderson and he’s quite the legend in the film and TV world.

So let us set the scene. It’s March 26th, 1990. It’s cold and it’s windy. A young Roy T. Anderson walks across the rooftop of a towering Toronto building. Is he going to jump? We know now that he did. And that he was just fine. But we can only imagine how terrifying those few moments were before he took the leap.

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stunt jump
Via Roy T. Anderson on IMDB

In fact, the jump almost didn’t happen at all! In order to get permission from city officials to attempt this wild stunt, Anderson had to post a $3 million bond AND create a 3.6 metre high contraption made of cardboard boxes to catch him if something went wrong. Who said the world of the movies was a glamorous one?

Of course, he met those requirements and the rest is history. Roy T. Anderson made the 28-foot leap and survived unscathed. His famous jump broke the existing record set by Hollywood stuntmen by a whopping 2.7 metres. To this day, no one has successfully beat the record set by Anderson in 1990 (to our knowledge).

Today, Roy T. Anderson still works in the movie business. According to his IMDB, he’s even got a few upcoming projects in the works. The record-setting is still going strong!