Nothing beats the stunning beauty of fall foliage in October. Ontario is home to gorgeous landscapes that truly capture the essence of the season of change. That being said, look no further than Devil’s Glen Provincial Park Loop Trail and its viewing platform for a scenic experience.

Located within the Clearview Township is the popular hiking destination Devil’s Glen Provincial Park Loop Trail located within a non-operating park.

According to South Georgian Bay, the loop trail is available year-round and has access to the Bruce Trail.

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“Devil’s Glen rests on the Manitoulin Bedrock Ledge, the site of a glacial meltwater channel that flowed along the edge of the escarpment,” states the site.

“The gorge, carved by the Mad River spreads as far as your eye can see. The upper rim along the gorge is lined by Silurian Amabel dolomite cap rock, a form of limestone.”

Though the journey is truly rewarding with scenic fall views, you can bask in its beauty via the platform before embarking on the trail.

Here you can see the entire valley, and see as the fall volours take over the lower walls of the Niagara Escarpment, per the OTC.

In terms of distance, according to the Southern Georgian Bay website, it’s about 9.8 km long and is considered a moderate trail.

Make sure you have your hiking boots on and get ready for an adventure worth your while.

Devil’s Glen Provincial Park Loop Trail

Where: Simcoe County Rd 124, Glen Huron, ON