It is almost time! Daylight Saving Time in Seattle, that is. We have waited patiently since November for this day to return, and it’s now upon us. We’re all going to lose an hour, but we’ll gain longer and longer days, and here is when it all goes down.

Daylight Saving Time starts on Sunday, March 10, this year, but you may have heard – this may not be the case for much longer.

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A bipartisan bill was introduced to the Senate to implement year-round Pacific standard time, and Washington Senator Mike Padden introduced the bill.

Not only is Washington pushing for daylight saving time to be abolished, California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho have formed a working group to propose legislation in their respective states to make the change.

The reason for the change?

“There have been scientific studies connecting several health problems with switching back and forth between standard time and daylight saving time, including greater risks of heart attacks and more frequent workplace injuries,” according to Senator Padden.

If the bill becomes law, the change would go into effect on November 4th of this year, one day after daylight saving time ends on November 3rd.

For now, on March 10, the time will change at 2 am, then you can expect the sunrise an hour later at 7:31 am, and sunset will shift to 7:08pm.

Get ready to spring forward, and adjust your oven’s time, and perhaps the microwave too. Enjoy the extra sun!