it’s back, Alberta! Winter has nearly come and gone which means that another Daylight Saving Time is hot on our heels.

Set to return the precious hour of daylight we lost in the fall, the sunny season’s most polarizing tradition will take place on Sunday, March 10th at 2 am, which will launch us one hour into “the future.”

To put it simply, 2 am will become 3 am, resulting in 60 bonus minutes of warm light every evening until November when we fall back once more.

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The bad news? You might wake up extra tired on the 11th, but don’t fret.

This also means that sunset will take place at approximately 7:30 pm!

Now, if this all seems silly to you, know that you’re not alone, but that you’re out of luck.

Sadly, Aberta has no plans to do away with it any time soon.

As per the results of a province-wide survey (which were made public in 2021), 50.2% of Albertans voted to continue adjusting their clocks twice a year, so get ready and stay ready – we’re one with the time change.  

It sucks, but at least we’ll leave work with the sun on our face!

Daylight Saving Time, Alberta

When: Sunday, March 10th, 2024
Time: 2 am