The Seattle Kraken have a new and very notable team member. While he may not be hitting the ice anytime soon, he’s definitely someone you’ll want to keep your eyes on. Davy Jones just debuted as the team’s dog and there’s a few things you should know about him.

The team’s newest furry friend is a four-month-old rescue husky. He was introduced at Monday’s game which was a big W for the team, a bigger W than beating the Chicago Blackhawks if you ask us. According to the Seattle PI, Jones will be a community ambassador and will be appearing at plenty of events going forward.

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However, Jones will be more than just a community ambassador, he’s also training to become a therapy dog. And if you’re wondering, it’s actually pretty common for NHL teams to have team dogs. It’s estimated that between “25 and 28 of the league’s 32 teams have one.” But Jones is different in that he’s a rescue dog and not a purebred.

We’ll eagerly be awaiting more Davy Jones news and pictures from the Seattle Kraken. Until then, we can all enjoy the sweet video above highlighting just what a good boy he is. Have a great week Seattle and go Kraken!