Those of you closely following Dave Portnoy’s Toronto pizza review tour might be surprised by this one. After giving North of Brooklyn Pizzeria a stellar score of 8.4, the Barstool president hit up another beloved spot, Maker Pizza, for a taste test. However, Maker didn’t make out quite as well as their competition.

Portnoy told the camera that Maker Pizza was one of the top recommendations he’d received, even more than North of Brooklyn. So, already, the expectations were high.

For starters, Portnoy was told by the owner that his pizza was freshly-made in just three minutes and therefore “piping hot.”

After picking up a slice and trying to take a bite, he agreed that the pizza was “almost impossibly hot.”

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The pizza was described to him as half-Neopolitan and half New York style, but Portnoy’s assessment was that it looked more like Dominos or Pizza Hut than Neopolitan.

His one-bite review turned out to be a messy one, and he said he almost could’ve used a fork and knife.

“Not bad, super doughy, super cheesy […] fresh,” said Portnoy.

However, the pizza was too heavy for his liking, and he admitted that it’s “totally not [his] style.”

“It’s big, it’s thick, it’s floppy,” he said. “It’s tasty, but man, if you eat this I think you’re in for the night.”

The final verdict? A respectable yet underwhelming score of 6.1.

Today’s a new day and Dave Portnoy is still in town, which means we have some more pizza reviews to look forward to. Stay tuned!