Dave Chappelle has announced a New Year’s Day stop in Vancouver as part of the ‘Dave Chappelle and Friends’ tour. The concert will take place at Rogers Arena, one day after his stop in Seattle’s new Climate Pledge Arena. Tickets for the concert go on sale Monday, December 13th.

Chappelle, once (and still, in many regards) considered one of the world’s greatest living comedians, has become a divisive figure in 2021. This is due, in part, to his ‘jokes’ about transphobic people during his latest Netflix comedy special, The Closer. These comments led to Netflix staff protesting the show alongside transgender activists.

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Chappelle has since adopted the stance that he is getting “cancelled“, as he continues to book shows across North America, and was recently asked to headline the first-ever Netflix Comedy Festival. Does Chappelle actually want to get cancelled? If he started making jokes about systematically bedding every spouse in the Netflix C-suite, we think he’d have a shot.

Instead, however, his latest special has been propped up by Netflix, despite Chappelle being called out by other comedians for ‘punching down’.

As another comedy legend, George Carlin, pointed out back in the 90s, Chappelle seems to have adopted a style of comedy that is now looking to make fun of (light words) those who are already marginalized in society. If Chappelle’s show in Vancouver had him turn back the clock and deliver an hour of Chappelle’s Show sketches, well, we’d be over the moon.

Regardless, the famous funnyman is coming to Vancouver on New Year’s Day and tickets go on sale next week.

Dave Chappelle and Friends

When: January 1st, 2022
Where: 800 Griffiths Way
Tickets: Onsale Monday, December 13th, 10 AM PST