The launch of Timbiebs practically broke the internet, but what is the hype really worth? Well, as it turns out, despite the bite-sized balls only going for a few cents in-store, the box that it comes in appears to be worth thousands of dollars – to at least 4 people on eBay, anyway.

Listed over 7 days ago, a single empty Timbiebs box sparked quite the bidding war between a few mystery buyers on the popular site – raising the price which originally sat under $1,000 to $10,000 CAD,

Now, we’re a hardened cynic, so it’s hard not to imagine that this is just one big joke – but it DID get us laughing and thinking about the future – more specifically, what’s becoming of it. 

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After all, we’ve seen instances before where someone has purchased something ridiculous for hundreds of dollars simply to get a reaction, just never like this!

Either way, we’re watching, we’re waiting and even though we’re concerned, we’re sharing.

Heck, IF this all goes through, it might be worth signing in and selling off our own fast-food collab containers.

If you’re interested in checking it out yourselves, you can check out the page here – where at the time of writing the highest bid sits at $10,100.00 CAD.

What a world we live in, hey? People are wild.