Alberta is a province full of surprises, some big, some colourful, some hidden and some very, very small.

One of these micro destinations? The Curbside Museum – which may be teeny tiny, but is still mighty interesting.

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Located in Canmore, Alberta, and operated by Enza Apa, this “blink and you might miss it” gallery is quirky, enlightening and truly one of a kind.

You see, unlike traditional exhibitions, this one is actually built into a fence and can be enjoyed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

From whimsical subject matter like fish fashion and mermen to oddities, and the collaborative efforts of those who live in the mountain town, there are no limits to what they’re willing to explore.


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The best part? They’ve been swapped out every 10 to 12 weeks since it was founded in 2017, so visitors can see a new display every season!

Interested in checking it out while you’re in the area? Check it out at the address below and enjoy!

You might not believe your eyes!

The Curbside Museum – Canmore, Alberta

Where: Railway Avenue at Pinewood Crescent, in Canmore, Alberta