It’s beautiful, it’s diverse (in culture and landscape) and it’s where you can truly make a difference. It is no news that Africa is one of the top-rated destinations when it comes to volunteering abroad. The only trouble is finding the right program and opportunity. And for anyone looking for safe and trusted volunteer experience in Africa, Crossroads International has you covered.

Photo via Crossroads International

For those not in the know, Crossroads International is an international development agency. Through its long volunteering history, the agency has invested in local partners that can truly make an impact. And they have proven results to back the success of their initiatives.
Their trusted programs are one of the reasons why Crossroads International is a top choice for humanitarian travelers. The other reason is the wide range of dynamic experiences they let you choose from.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Photo via Crossroads International

This international development non-for-profit organization has several open positions at the moment including Project Advisor, Business Development Advisor, Communications Advisor, and many more. And these are spread across several countries. Think Ghana, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Eswatini, and more.

And we don’t need to tell you about the treasure trove of local experiences these opportunities bring along. Whether it’s by taking a gap year, or to gain work experience, you will also get to experience different world cultures first-hand, explore the incredible African outdoors and make new friends for life.

These volunteer opportunities are a great way to experience the many flavours of Africa and build a meaningful travelogue.

Positions open now

You can check out Crossroads International’s open volunteer positions in Africa here. Just FYI, you can also find virtual volunteer or intern positions, in case that’s more your thing.
Here’s to an adventurous-meets-satisfying start to 2023!



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