Well folks we might have just found the craziest Airbnb yet and it happens to be in our state. This Airbnb is a 20,000+ sq ft castle straight out of the McMansion textbook. And as you might have guessed, the amenities of this place are pretty insane.

Coolest Airbnbs: 20,000+sq ft Luxury Castle on 5+ acres

airbnbNow firstly we have to mention the price. This Airbnb will cost you a mean $1,968 a night so you’ll need some serious bank to stay here. Or you know, you could have the ultimate group gathering since parties aren’t allowed at Airbnbs. But this feels a bit like a party house.

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airbnbAnd as this is a castle or a 2018 version of a castle, it has 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. So you’ll have plenty of rooms to choose from. Not to mention you’ll also have access to a movie theater, ballroom, chefs’ kitchen, poker room, arcade games, outdoor fire pit, and much more. But uh tell us again that this isn’t a party house.

airbnbAnyway, the space definitely has some unique vibes. You can think 90s McMansion with a mix of castle inspired woodwork. And of course with top of the line appliances and spa-like bathrooms. So whoever built this must have had a lot of fun.

airbnbIf you’d like to book this castle Airbnb or simply double-check to make sure it’s real, you can click here. And if you book it, make sure you have a calm and collected group gathering or you know vibe by yourself with all that space.