Up until now, the best way to train for construction jobs was to be present on-site, along with covering the theory. But thanks to Construction Ontario Training and Resource Centre, there’s now a safer, easier and more engaging way to learn the skilled trades! Enter: Online courses and virtual and augmented reality. That’s right, you can now get construction training virtually, in life-like setups, thanks to Construction Ontario. 

While popular for their job listings, Construction Ontario has also come to be known for their hi-tech virtual and augmented reality training courses. Funded by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario, all of their services— job portal, training and VR training— are FREE.


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Talking about their VR training, Scott Townsend, Education and Business Development Liaison for Construction Ontario explained, “Virtual reality allows users to see a work site through the lens of the VR headset and shows them what to expect, how to learn to work in different conditions, and operate tools that will help them be job ready.”

Plus, virtual training is far more exciting and engaging than the mundane classroom set-up. 

“By allowing the user to experience any work site with the use of VR headsets, it gives the learner a fun and realistic way of learning a new job that they might not be familiar with. It helps with keeping new hires and students engaged in an easy, but very realistic, way of training,” Townsend further added.

Given that a lot of trainees are actually new to the field itself, VR and AR provide a safe environment for them to learn and get a life-like on-site experience to kickstart your career in the trades. 


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In addition to the virtual experience, the portal can also be used for other training material. For example, HR and safety managers can use the portal to distribute courses for learners to complete. The trainees can easily access the courses by using their login credentials.

Based on the needs of the construction industry, Construction Ontario constantly develops new courses for small, medium and large-sized construction businesses.

But developing and providing construction training courses isn’t all the training centre does. They ensure that trainees are equipped with the tools (literally) that will help with continued learning in the field.

In addition to a completion certificate, Construction Ontario also gives trainees a tool kit that will help them complete field training and verification. Pretty neat, eh?

You can visit the Construction Ontario website below for more info on their training programs and find job listings in the construction industry.