Here’s you’re next Ontario adventure! Nestled within Lake Huron is Cockburn Island, a tranquil retreat that is both mysterious and beautiful. Known as a ‘ghost town’ with remnants of its past, this remote paradise not only holds structures of its past but also three stunning nature escpaes like its beaches. Here’s what to know about this thrilling island.

Get ready to soak up some sun as the weather gets warmer! According to the Township of Cockburn Island, here you’ll get to enjoy some of Lake Huron’s most beautiful beaches.

But to get there, you’ll need a boat as the island is located in Lake Huron’s North Channel.

“While the island features a secure marina, there are no fuel stations or stores to purchase provisions,” shares the township.

“Visitors must bring all supplies and provisions they require for their visit with them. Visitors that wish to stay a few days generally lodge on their boats and bring bicycles or small motor bikes to tour the island’s sites.”

Unfortunately for campers, you’re unable to tent here but those interested in lodging or renting a vehicle, you must set this up before your visit with either a ratepayer or resident of the island.

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Though it is a stunning island, you must come prepared considering it is a ‘ghost town’, according to the township. Its deep history will show a growing community, getting by with little, however with the Depression and WWII, many sought life outside of the island. And slowly, the population began to decrease.

Though this has been a thing since the 1980s, ‘The Township of Cockburn Island’ still remained “thanks in most part because of Harold McQuarrie. The reeve during these trying times,” per the township.

“Today and for the past 30 years, island descendants and curious adventurers have returned reviving the islands history and creating a new exciting history.”

That being said, it’s a calm a peaceful island with must-try you beaches worth exploring.

City Beach offers a beautiful sandy bay with a great view of the harbour and marina; South Beach is accessible by Good Township Road and is described as a gorgeous sandy beach with views of Lake Huron; and Stone Beach is a favourite among locals as it has a shoreline of limestone, offering a stunning view of the North Channel.

Both City Beach and South Beach are equipped with a gazebo, firepit, washrooms and change rooms.

Other points of interest include the Old School house, The Church, Ricketts Harbour, Wagosh Bay and Scotch Block.

You’ll find local cottages here but it serves as a true escape from the rowdy, city experience.

If you wanted an escape, you found it here.