This should come as no news to anyone who has or is trying to get a credit card. Hunting for a credit card that best matches your needs and gets you the most rewards is a straight-up Herculean task. Navigating a gazillion offers, deciphering genuine recommendations from biased ones and calculating the net benefit takes up a ton of time and effort. But thanks to ClearScore, and its exclusive Rewards Value Panel feature, that won’t be the case anymore!

On the off chance, you still aren’t familiar with it, ClearScore is a global leader that has been helping over 20 million users worldwide understand and improve their credit scores. They made it so you have your credit score at your fingertips for free. Yes, the app is free to use for life!

The app recently launched in Canada garnering north of 120,000 sign-ups in no time. Primarily because their credit score report comes from the Canadian credit reporting agency, TransUnion. So, there’s no doubt that your credit report is accurate.

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Coming to the Reward Value Panel, this unique feature is the epitome of usefulness, profitability and exclusivity all rolled into one. Simply put, the Rewards Value Panel is a rewards calculator that is designed to simplify the credit card selection process. It empowers you to make informed decisions that maximize your reward potential.

As explained by the folks at ClearScore, “In a nutshell, it is an estimated dollar value that a user could earn by taking out AND spending on that particular card (e.g. earnings from cashback/points etc.) in the first 12 months of having the card.”

Basically, ClearScore’s Rewards Value Panel is revolutionizing the way you choose credit cards. And here’s why it’s a game-changer—

Personalized Offers

One of the biggest perks of the Reward Value Panel is that it does not just bombard you with every credit card offer out there. Instead, it only presents offers that you are eligible for based on your credit profile. Meaning, no more wasted hours comparing unavailable options. ClearScore ensures you access the best offers while they’re still available.

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Unbiased Insights

ClearScore believes in a level playing field. Unlike most recommendations, ClearScore’s recommendations are not driven by monetary incentives. The Rewards Value Panel provides unbiased information, ensuring that your decision is based solely on what’s best for you.

Fee Transparency

Understanding the impact of fees is crucial when assessing the true value of a credit card. But given the tedious and often confusing calculation, we skip out on the whole process. This is where ClearScore comes into the picture. The Rewards Value Panel indicates when rewards do and do not outweigh the fees. So, you can make informed choices and maximize your rewards.

As hard as it might be to believe, this app does do all this for you for FREE!

As it happens, accessing the feature is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is sign up for ClearScore through their website or app and follow these steps—

  • Click on “Offers.”
  • Select “Credit Cards.”
  • Answer a few basic questions about how you use your current credit card(s).
  • View your personalized credit card results, identifying the tag next to each option that displays the first-year rewards estimate.

If you’re looking to get a stronger hold of your financial health or simply get the best friggin credit card for your lifestyle, ClearScore is the app for you. Head over to the link below for more info. Then go ahead and sign up!