While Toronto may have taken the top spot in a recent list of the best Italian restaurants in the world (outside of Italy itself), one Vancouver name made it into the rankings as well! And what’s more, it’s the only other Canadian restaurant to get the nod.

Created by 50 Top Italy, the ranking of the best Italian restaurants in the world managed to find representatives from 23 different countries this year. While France and the US dominated the scene, it was Toronto’s own Don Alfonso 1890 that landed in the top spot. But, we’re more interested in the pick from Vancouver- Cioppino’s.

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A long time favourite in Vancouver’s fine dining scene, Cioppino’s just barely made it into the rankings, taking the 49th spot out of a total of 50. Of course, the restaurant was up against names from Switzerland to Japan to the Morocco, so we’re just happy that it made it on there.

Deservedly so, might we add, since Cioppino’s continues to be the golden standard for light and fresh Mediterranean cuisine not just in Vancouver, but across the country. The 50 Top Italy rankings recommend that you check out the Linguine with Lobster or the Fettuccine alla Bolognese while you’re there. As for us? Well, we say you head there with some friends during your next celebration meal and treat yourself to a full Italian feast.


Where: 1133 Hamilton Street