You may or may not know but last night was the Met Gala. The iconic event’s theme for 2021 was the “ingenuity of American style” and that left a lot up for interpretation. With looks ranging from flashy, to subversive to sports-themed, celebrities rocked them all. As stunning as everyone looked, we have to give props to Ciara for her Seahawks-themed look.

Here’s how the internet reacted to Ciara’s Seahawks-themed dress at the MET gala.

Let’s start with some facts. Ciara’s dress was made by the designer Dundas who has also done looks for stars like Beyoncé. The dress featured green sequins with Russell Wilson’s Seahawks number on the front. She also wore accessories like his Super Bowl ring and a jewel-encrusted football.

Look at those details!

Her own statement.

Here’s a little side-by-side comparison of her and hubby Russell Wilson.

Her dress could make anyone love sports as MTV points out.

There’s truly nothing more American than football which had some people saying she might have followed the theme best.

Now some people were not as fond of the dress but that’s to be expected.

Of course, the NFL had to crack some jokes to balance it all out.

With all this in mind so far the general consensus has been pretty dang positive. After all, it’s hard not to love a couple who is as dedicated to each other as these two are. Of course, Ciara also looks great and she definitely understood the assignment. Have a great week folks!