It’s almost that amazing time of year when the leaves start changing but the weather is still warm enough to explore the outdoors. The best place to enjoy this transitional time of year is Chutes Provincial Park, the land of cascading waterfalls and stunning autumn colours.

According to Ontario Parks, there aren’t just a couple of waterfalls to see here — in fact, there are “waterfalls everywhere” at Chutes Provincial Park.

“If Chutes has a signature sight, it’s waterfalls,” they say.

There are several trails to take to enjoy the view of waterfalls, including the Falls Lookout which is a wide platform right at the lip of the main falls.

“Even in summer when the river’s flow is much less than in spring, the power of water shows its strength, cascading right in front of you,” says Ontario Parks.

Plus, if you follow the Twin Bridges Trail upstream along the Aux Sables, you’ll be treated to views of rapids, cascades, and waterfalls.

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The Aux Sables River has a sandy beach to enjoy, and the views of water tumbling over ledges, channels, and rocky rapids are truly incredible.

Follow the Twin Bridges Trail to several viewpoints and lookouts where you can soak up the sights and sounds of nature.

In the fall, the park transforms into a stunning canvas of red, gold, and burgundy hues.

The rushing river, waterfalls, and rapids reflect the bright colours of the trees, making the park a ‘picture-perfect postcard’,” says Ontario Parks.

So whether you’re doing some late-summer or autumn exploring, this park is worth the trip.

Chutes Provincial Park

When: Closes on October 10th, 2023
Where: 650 Imperial Street North, Massey