Living in Toronto and the GTA has its fair share of perks, but it doesn’t come cheap. It costs a fortune just to keep a roof over your head and food in your fridge, let alone go out for dinner and drinks every now and then. A new ranking has identified the cheapest places to live in Ontario if you’re ready to ditch the big city in exchange for a more affordable lifestyle.

According to the Canadian moving concierge service MovingWaldo, the ranking is based on the quality of life, access to essential facilities nearby, and the available house and apartment prices in 2022.

Essentially, these are not the cheapest places to live in Ontario from a statistical standpoint, but they are the most affordable cities where you’ll have convenient access to services and amenities, as well as cheaper housing prices.

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At the top of the list is Sudbury, the largest city in northern Ontario by population. According to the ranking, Sudbury has a vibrant workforce and homes for as little as $207,000.

In second place is Sarnia, a city in southwestern Ontario with ample green space, outdoor recreational amenities, affordable homes for as low as $300,000, and one-bedroom rentals for around $1,500 per month.

Also in southwestern Ontario is the city of Windsor, which has been ranked the third-most affordable place to live in the province. It’s known for being the automotive capital of Canada. Despite being a larger city, the homes are still affordable by Ontario’s standards, with an average list price of $322,00.

Below are the top 10 cheapest Ontario cities to live in, according to MovingWaldo:

  1. Sudbury
  2. Sarnia
  3. Windsor
  4. Thunder Bay
  5. Rainy River
  6. Deep River
  7. Peterborough
  8. Barrie
  9. Kingston
  10. London

The ranking also lists a number of options for affordable housing in Ontario, including coop housing in Ottawa and tiny home communities around the province.

If you’re tired of slaving away for your glass box in the sky in Toronto, perhaps it’s time to set your sights on a cheaper city to call home.