While some of the country’s biggest cities are seeing ever-rising costs, others continue to prove affordable. If you’re looking to keep a little money in your pocket, then this roundup of the cheapest cities for rent in Canada right now might help. Let’s see what’s out there!

The most recent Canadian Rent Report, courtesy of Zumper, looked at tens of thousands of listings across the country. While rent is more or less up across the board, there’s no denying that some cities (like Vancouver and Toronto) are way, way pricier than others.

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Which is exactly what we’re here to show off! Here are the 10 (technically 12) cheapest cities for rent in Canada this April, going off 1-bedroom prices:

  1. St. John’s, Newfoundland – $850
  2. Quebec City, Quebec – $910
  3. Regina, Saskatchewan – $930
  4. Edmonton, Alberta – $940
  5. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – $1,000
  6. Winnipeg, Manitoba – $1,060
  7. Calgary, Alberta –  $1,190
  8. Windsor, Ontario – $1,260
  9. Montreal, Quebec – $1,350
    Windsor, Ontario – $1,350
    Abbotsford, British Columbia – $1,350
  10. Kingston, Ontario – $1,420

So yeah, the 6 cheapest cities for rent in Canada right now are all less than half the average cost of Vancouver ($2,190) and close to half the cost of Toronto ($1,920). So, if you’re thinking that a switch up in cities is in the cards, definitely keep these spots in mind moving forward.