Does the cold and gloomy weather have you dreaming of the tropics? Especially after a sunny weekend? Well, these cheap flights from Toronto might be the excuse you’ve been waiting for to finally plan that trip down south.

Canada’s low-cost airlines have flights from the city to warm and sunny destinations around the U.S. for less than what you’d spend on dinner and drinks in the city.

Think dreamy deserts, pristine white-sand beaches, and palm trees — or just warm sun! It could all be yours for so cheap! With all that money you’re saving, you can splurge on accommodation close to the water.

Check out these cheap flights from Toronto below and start planning your next adventure, especially if you want to get away soon.

Toronto to Cancun: $125 one way

Looking to head to Cancun before winter is over? There are flights to Cancun from Toronto through Flair Airlines for $125.49 one way in March.

Image via Flair Airlines

Toronto to Tampa: $109 one way

How does Florida at the end of February sound? There are flights from Lynx that are currently for $109.50 that depart near the end of February. There also a couple of similar prices in March, and some go up to $128.

Image via Lynx Air

Toronto to Orlando: $128.37 one way

Another flight from Lynx Air, but this one to Orlando! And you can find several flights for $128.37 next month.

Image via Lynx Air

Toronto to Fort Lauderdale: $107 one way

And if you’re looking to check out Fort Lauderdale, there are a few flights available for $107.29 through Flair Airlines. The flights are in March, as well as in April to kick off your spring in sunshine.

Image via Flair Airlines

Toronto to Las Vegas: $122.28 one way

What happens in Vegas can stay there this spring. Flair Airlines has several flights to Las Vegas for $122.28 this March and April.

Image via Flair Airlines

Toronto to Kingston, Jamaica: $129 one way

Flair Airlines has flights from Toronto to Kingston on Saturdays through February, March and April, with some starting at $129.

Image via Flair Airlines

Of note, as these are low cost airlines, additional baggage fees and charges for optional services and products may apply.

Safe travels, Toronto! Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen.