Talk about views! The beloved Toronto Islands amusement park is home to a thrilling chairlift ride and it offers some of the most stunning views of our skyline. Here’s what to know about the Centreville Sky Ride!

Get ready to sit back and relax as you fly across the sky on the Centreville Sky Ride.

“Enjoy picturesque views of the island and the city skyline,” shares its official site.

This ride is about 15 minutes long. Whether you’re there on a sunny weekend morning or you want to watch as the sun sets over the horizon, this chair lift ride offers the best views.

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Though this amusement park may be for younger children, but that’s no reason to skip out on this fun scenic attraction.

Fulfil your inner child, soak up the warm summer air and enjoy the lush grounds of the Toronto Islands, its glistening lake, and the majestic city in the distance.

Though you may be too old for the teacup ride and bumper cars, treat yourself to some carnival-themed food for sale.

We’re talking cider, funnel cake, candy floss, popcorn, ice cream, Beaver Tails, and pizza. The perfect treat to start or end your island adventure!

It’s important to note that riders must be at least 3 feet tall and no infants are permitted on the chairlift. Riders shorter than 4 and a half feet must be accompanied by someone who is taller.

Until the CNE returns to the Exhibition Place this August, this scenic chairlift ride is a great way to savour those immaculate summer vibes.

Now these are views!

Centreville Sky Ride

Where: Centreville Amusement Park, Centre Island
When: Open daily until September 4th, 2023
Cost: $31.64 to $40.71 per person (All Day Ride Pass)