If you’ve ever wanted to venture along the Dundas Valley trail network then don’t forget to check out the Hermitage Gatehouse ruins and hiking paths. The historic site was built in the 1800s and now stands as stone remnants of what was once a grandiose stone mansion.

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According to the Hamilton Conservation Authority, “The property was for many years part of an estate known as “The Hermitage”. The stone house and outbuildings, which now only exist in ruins, were built by Mr. George Gordon Browne Leith, when he bought the property in 1855. He and his wife lived there for many years.”

The land was originally owned by Reverend George Sheed, then Englishman Otto Ives, and eventually to George Leith, a Scottish baronet’s second son.

Because he was the second son, Leith was not able to take over the Scotland property so he was sent off to Canada with money to get settled. Leith built a home and numerous outbuildings, some of which are still standing to this day!

Daughter of Geroge Leith, Alma Dick Lauder was the estate’s latest owner. She built a small house within the ruins where she lived until 1942 when she eventually passed away.

Want to check it out?

The Hermitage Gatehouse is on the Main Loop Trail in the Dundas Valley. It takes about 90 minutes to walk in total including views of a cascading waterfall!

The falls are right beside the gatehouse standing at a modest 4 metres tall.

Look closely at the stones of the ruins as you survey the area and you may be able to find fossils of sea creatures and plant life.

Day passes are $11 per vehicle at Dundas Valley, be sure to park at the Sulphur Springs Road entrance.

The Hermitage Gatehouse

Where: 621 Sulphur Springs Road, Dundas, ON