Banff is a town known for its stunning views and natural beauty, so it should come as no surprise that tucked behind their stone Administration Building, you’ll find the Cascade of Time Garden – a 4-acre park with thousands of flowers.

Built in 1935, this impressive oasis is well known to locals but occasionally overlooked by tourists.

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From stone pavilions and gorgeous gazebos to bright vibrant petals  – this incredible destination has several water features and dozens of grassy knolls perfect for a picnic or special event.

The best part?

It’s totally FREE to visit, even when in full bloom between late June and early September.


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So, next time you need to catch your breath or remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of Alberta’s beloved mountain town, check it out.

Heck, bring some snacks or a photographer and make an entire day of it. It really is something else!


When: Late June – early September
Where: 101 Mountain Avenue, Banff
Cost: FREE