Remember when we told you that Canada’s number one selling beer, Budweiser, was getting into the insurance business and we all scratched our heads over it? Well, the brand just released some more details and things are starting to add up. Turns out it’s Budweiser BBQ Insurance and it might be just what you’re looking for this summer.

Have you ever had a BBQ ruined by forces outside of your control? Maybe Mother Nature took a turn and you had to cancel because of torrential downpour. Maybe you discovered your propane tank was empty just as guests began to arrive. Maybe you lost your special BBQ-ing apron and cooking on the grill just isn’t the same. Whatever it is, Budweiser BBQ Insurance is here to help.

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If you or a loved one has experienced any of these BBQ woes (or any others), you may be eligible for compensation. All you have to do is head to to make your claim. When you submit your story, you’ll automatically qualify for a chance to receive a Budweiser BBQ Insurance Package, valued at up to $2,500.

Some BBQ Insurance packages include (but are not limited to) items like gift cards to replace damaged equipment, Budweiser BBQ swag, and even an entire new grill!

You can submit your claim beginning today until September 1st. There will be a weekly draw for secondary claim packages and three separate draws for top claim packages throughout the summer. The first draw will take place on June 30th.


Where: Make your claim online