When we think of Canada’s number one selling beer, our next thought is not usually insurance. But, alas, Budweiser Canada is full of surprises. The brand is doubling down on their message to “enjoy life responsibly” with the upcoming launch of Budweiser Insurance.

Budweiser Insurance is on a mission to offer a new, modern take on your regular old insurance plans. They plan to provide unique coverage opportunities that have been designed around the brand’s insight on customer experiences. Did you know that a recent study by TD Canada revealed that online searches for life insurance by millennials went up by 30% in 2020? Now you do! Budweiser knows it too, hence the launch we’re discussing today.

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budweiser canada insurance
Photo via @budweisercanada Instagram

Obviously, a beer brand venturing into the realm of insurance is going to raise some questions. Which is why Budweiser Senior Marketing Director Mike D’Agostini addressed the doubters in the brand’s press release.

“Budweiser is known for putting our customers first. The pandemic opened our eyes to this untapped opportunity, which is aimed at providing better security for Canadians and enabling them to live the life they want,” he writes. “Budweiser Insurance will tap into a specific type of coverage not currently available to Canadians and will help them enjoy a worry-free summer, because Bud’s got your back.”

Well, there ya have it! Bud could have your back too if you sign up for this wild new venture. More details on the lifestyle-based insurance plans are set to be released in the coming weeks. Canadians must be legal drinking age to apply.