We guess that Canadian Tire’s been taking notes of that KFC log they sell during the holidays, because they’ve unveiled a uniquely scented product of their own! Announced earlier this week, Canadian Tire created a candle that they’re claiming smells exactly like their stores.

Dubbed the ‘Canada’s Scent’ candle, the unique item tries to replicate what you’d smell while shopping there. So, we’re thinking a mixture of garden scents, some kind of faint metal, and maybe a hint of their actually scented products? While we haven’t had the chance to give it a sniff ourselves, we’re guessing the main adjective that will come from this is ‘confusing’.

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But hey, we like confusing. You might be wondering how you can actually get your hands on one of these bad boys. Well, they won’t be going up for sale. Instead, Canadian Tire will be giving away 75 of them through social media. Just re-share the contest post, comment with your favourite memory of shopping at the store (for us, it’s walking in with a stack of Canadian Tire dollars in the mid-2000s) and voila! You’re entered.

The Canadian Tire candle contest runs until January 30th, when winners will be selected! Make sure to check out the full contest rules before you enter, because we don’t want to be on the hook for any miscommunications. This is, after all, a pretty rare candle to try and get your hands on.

Editor’s Note: The initial story stated that Canadian Tire had 100 candles, as per the company. They have since said there will be 75, not 100.