An epic battle for the ages went down in Prince Edward Island recently and one photographer caught the whole thing. In one corner, we’ve got a goose; weighing in at approximately 3 kilograms of pure grit. In the other corner, a bald eagle; on the hunt for its next meal. Witnessing it all: P.E.I.’s very own Patrick Keefe and his camera lens.

The result of the showdown was a collection of seriously insane photos you can find on Keefe’s Instagram page. These action shots look like they could be a spread in National Geographic. Each picture tells part of one hell of a story about what went down that day.

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So what exactly did go down? CBC News caught up with Keefe to ask about his experience. Apparently, the photographer was out for a walk on the bank of P.E.I.’s West River when he spotted a dark object in the distance. He pulled out his camera to shoot what he expected to be a bald eagle enjoying its already “expired” meal, only to find the goose alive and fighting.

Through the sequence of pics, you’ll see the two birds duke it out like their life depends on it. Because, well, for one of them it does. We’re not going to spoil the end of the story for you, but we will tell you things do not wrap up how you may think they will.

You can explore the full collection on Instagram here.