The holidays are magical, but can you imagine living in a place where the spirit of nog, gifts and garland were carried throughout the year?

While they may not celebrate with light displays and carolling 365 days a year, some Canadian towns bear Christmas-themed names that fill tourists and locals alike with holly jolly cheer no matter the season.

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From Candyville in Ontario to Garland, Manitoba – here are just a few of Canada’s festively-named cities, towns and communities: 

  • Candyville, ON
  • Champagne, YK
  • Chimney, ON
  • Christmas Island, NS
  • Christ-Roi, QC
  • Cranberry QC, ON & BC
  • Cranberry Junction, BC
  • Cranberry Portage, MB
  • Evergreen, AB
  • Garland, MB
  • Goose Cove, NL
  • Ice Lake, ON
  • L’Enfant-Jésus, QC
  • Gift Lake, AB
  • Holly, ON
  • Holly Park, ON
  • Marie Joseph, NS
  • Noel, NS
  • Noëlville, ON
  • Reindeer Station, NT
  • Sled Lake, SK
  • Snowflake, MB
  • Snow Lake, MB
  • Snowball, ON
  • Snow Peak Trailer Court, BC
  • Snow Road Station, ON
  • Star, ON
  • Stocking Harbour, NL
  • Sugarcane, BC
  • Toyes Hill, ON
  • Turkey Point, ON
  • Winter, SK
  • Winterland, NL


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Wholesome, right? Now the only question is where will visit first!

We think Christmas Island is first on our list – but we certainly aren’t the only ones who got the warm fuzzies at the mention of its name. After that – maybe a trip to Reindeer Station!

The country really is your oyster, Canada – so pack your bags and jingle some bells. You’ve got some travelling to do!