Tiktok is a great way to give your mind a break. But it’s also a great way to find some pretty cool artists. And that’s exactly how Canadian artist Laura Kelly went viral after almost ruining one of her paintings. ‘Almost’ being very key.

Laura had just finished up an amazing portrait of her grandfather and went in to add the final varnish. However, she forgot to dilute the varnish and it ended up completely changing the color of the painting. Luckily she was able to save it by going over the most affected areas.

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@artbylaurakellyVarnish thoughts #art #fyp♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Even luckier, her mistake absolutely enthralled the TikTok masses. Her video has now gotten over 3.2 million views and over 825,000 likes so, at the end of the day, this looks more like a blessing in disguise. And Laura even took the opportunity to give back to her followers by giving away some work! Wins all around!

If you’d like to check out the viral TikTok you can click above. And if you want to see more of Laura Kelly and her work you can click here. With that, consider sharing your artistic gifts with the world, you never know what will go viral.