In a scene more like Apocalypse Now than Saving Private Ryan, a Canadian Armed Forces member is facing a slew of charges following an incident back in 2018. The army gunner allegedly fed cannabis-laced cupcakes to a unit before a live-fire exercise, resulting in a medical incident and over a dozen charges against her. Here’s the story.

Apparently, Bombardier C.H. Cogswell was working in the canteen on July 18th, 2018, at the Canadian Forces Base in Gagetown, New Brunswick. Prior to a live-fire portion of the ‘gunner’ (artillery people, mostly) training program, Cogswell allegedly fed weed-laced cupcakes to the entire W Battery. Weird fact- this is the first time an armed forces member has been facing these charges.

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Photo via The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery School

Well, things went as well as one might expect. During the drills, members experienced “dehydration, overheating, fatigue, confusion, dry mouth and paranoia” over the new few hours. But, even more troubling is that some members were allegedly unable to “properly execute safe weapons and explosive handling drills”, which has LiveLeak (now defunct, luckily) written all over it.

The affected members were treated by a medical technician later that afternoon, which is also when the military police were called in. All told, Cogswell is now facing 18 charges, including 8 counts each of ‘administering a noxious thing’ and ‘neglect to the prejudice of good order and discipline’. The other two charges? ‘An act to the prejudice of good order and discipline’ and ‘behaved in a disgraceful manner’, which we didn’t even know you could be charged with.

After a few years of bouncing around the courts (and the whole pandemic thing throwing a wrench in proceedings), the trial is now set to start on August 3rd of this year.