Everyone doodles, but rarely does anything come of it… unless you’re a TikTok star with a platform and a knack for drawing meese like Calgary’s Chloë Chapdelaine. As explained in a now-viral video, Chapdelaine was 18 and bored when she changed Canada’s official moose crossing sign.

After driving past the same ‘floppy’ animal day after day, she decided the bright yellow caution board needed a facelift and she set her sights on getting the attention of the Canadian transportation board.

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After writing an essay, presenting some overwhelming evidence and drawing up a better, more accurate Canadian symbol – Chloe sent in her various documents to several government departments and though it took four years, she finally heard back.

“it’s official and I’m so excited,” she said in the video, after receiving her acceptance letter.

As for when the signs will officially be swapped out? Well, as you can imagine it will take a few years to get them, so don’t go tagging her in your photos just yet!

moose crossing sign
Photos via Transportation Canada – Old Moose Crossing Sign (Left); New Moose Crossing Sign (Right)

Until then you can actually check out her “moose merch” line that includes the updated logo and goes towards supporting wildlife rehabilitation, specifically the Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation.

If you’re interested and would like more information, you can visit her Instagram here!