As summer makes its bittersweet exit, it’s time to start looking ahead to what the next few months will bring. According to Canada’s fall forecast from The Weather Network, some provinces will enjoy warm weather for longer than others. In fact, some will even get an early taste of winter, with frigid temperatures and snow.

Late September, October, and early November will be warmer than normal across the country, especially in southern British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritimes. The Prairies will get near-normal autumn temperatures during these months.

However, a “pattern reversal” will take place late in the season, causing temperatures to dive in Ontario, Quebec, and parts of the Maritimes. This December will be unlike what these provinces have experienced in recent years, which is usually a mild and pleasant start to the winter. You can expect it to really feel like winter by the holiday season, so enjoy the warmth while it lasts.

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Meanwhile, cold weather will be delayed in most of Western Canada this year. The Weather Network says B.C. will see even more precipitation than normal this fall, if that’s even possible, with “excessive rainfall” at times, but mild weather will dominate the fall and will continue into December.

Alberta is set to have its usual temperatures and precipitation this autumn, a welcome relief from all the droughts. As is normal in Alberta during the fall, you can expect some shots of early winter weather, and a possible early-season freeze, the outlet says. Saskatchewan and Manitoba can expect very similar conditions to Alberta.

As for winter forecast predictions, the Old Farmers Almanac says Canada is in for a “frosty flip-flop” of a season. Temperatures and snowfall amounts will swing dramatically throughout the season, with “winter whopper” snowstorms thrown into the mix. Looks like we just have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst at this point!