We hate to break it to you, but the start of sweater weather is just around the corner. But, for some reason, we feel like having a general sense of the fall forecast in Canada is better than going in blind. That way, we won’t be too surprised on those extra chilly (or extra hot) days.

Kicking things off in the west, BC is going to have average temperatures this fall, but above average rainfall is expected for the western side of the province. This is mostly due to La Niña, the cooling of the Pacific Ocean that affects the North American jet stream.

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fall forecast canada
Image via AccuWeather

That’s not where the buck stops for La Niña’s effects though. Moving into the Prairies, people can expect higher than normal temperatures throughout the fall, but not without the possibility of early snow and storms. Luckily (for some), this snow forecast is mostly for the northern regions, while the south should avoid the brunt of it.

Moving out east, Ontario is in for a generally mild autumn, thanks to higher than normal temperatures present in the Great Lakes. But, the region is completely out of the woods- thunderstorms that have been ongoing throughout the summer could extend into September.

So, basically, we’re looking at a real mixed bag of weather for the fall forecast in Canada. But hey, we’re a big country and we’re no strangers to weird weather patterns. To check out the forecast in full, just click here.