Here’s one way to travel! Interzip Rogers, the world’s first interprovincial zipline, has officially reopened for the summer in Canada. Delayed by the pandemic, the zipline only started up last year, so it’s still a very new option for travellers and locals alike. Here’s what to know before you go.

Spanning around 1,200 feet across the Ottawa River, the zipline is some 120 feet in the air and gets riders going as fast as 50 kilometres an hour. If you haven’t already guesses, the river also marks the border between Ottawa and Gatineau, aka Quebec and Ontario.

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Basically, you’ll climb up the platform on the Gatineau side, get yourself strapped in, and voila! One of the most unique ways we can think of to get from one province to another. According to the website, the zipline will be open for pretty much the entire summer, ending its run at the beginning of October.

While we might not say this is worth a trip in and of itself, we definitely think it’d be a fun, and unique, add-on to anyone visiting the capital region this summer! For more info on the world’s first interprovincial zipline, just click the link below.

Interzip Rogers

When: Now open for the season!
Where: 40 Joe Montferrand Street, Gatineau, Quebec
Cost: $39.99+ for GA