Did you know that Ontario is home to Canada’s largest outdoor freshwater pool? This gem is none other than St. Marys Quarry. Here’s what to know.

According to the Town of St Marys, this swimming hole used to be a limestone quarry way back in the 1920s.

It wasn’t until the mid-1940s that it was converted into a public swimming area and remains one of the most popular spots in the area to visit on hot summer days.

The massive outdoor swimming area has remained popular every summer and with reason.

Per the town, this former limestone quarry is now Canada’s largest outdoor freshwater swimming pool.

It’s full of attractions and amenities such as cliff-jumping (if water levels permit), a 25-foot water trampoline, rafts and slides, a canteen, and picnic areas.

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The cliff-jumping area can be enjoyed by all visitors ages 8 and up who have been given green or blue bands.

Given its history as a natural quarry, the water is deep and can feel pretty chilly at times.

The bottom is rocky, and you may encounter fish, weeds, and slippery surfaces as you swim.

The quarry also has an inflatable floating waterpark called Super Splash Waterpark that you can enjoy for an extra cost.

There are life jackets on site that you can borrow for free if you’re not a strong swimmer or simply want to float.

You can also bring a noodle with you, but inflatables aren’t permitted at the quarry.

But that’s not all! There are actually two quarries to visit in the area. The neighbouring quarry across the road is a haven for fishing.

Various species of fish can be found in these waters, including Common Carp, Pumpkinseed, and Rock Bass.

According to the town, the west quarry is for fishing only, and swimming is not permitted there.

Now that the weather is heating up, this is the perfect time to pay a visit to this special spot.

We definitely will!

St. Mary’s Quarry

When: 11 AM to 7:30 PM daily until September 2nd, 2024
Where: 425 Water Street South, St. Marys, Ontario
Cost: $7.50 per adult per swim time, $5 per child per swim time