Well, it looks like the cat is out of the bag! There’s an Ontario island that is home to just over 200 people but is known for being one of “Canada’s best-kept secrets” and we just have to share. Here’s what to know about Pelee Island.

Known as Canada’s southernmost populated island, Pelee Island is a popular destination with plenty of things to do in the summertime.

According to the Township of Pelee, the island is filled with historical sites, shops, nature walks, and even nightlife! It’s a nature lovers paradise and a city slickers escape.

That’s why it’s considered one of “Canada’s best-kept secrets,” according to its website.

The quiet and friendly island is especially beautiful in the summertime when the sandy beaches, pristine waters, and lush trails are best enjoyed.

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The island is also home to a marina and campground, as well as shops, restaurants, galleries, a performing arts venue, and Pelee Island Winery, regarded as the “birthplace of winemaking in Canada.”

Love a good hike? Explore the 28 km circular route of the Pelee Island Waterfront Trail. According to the township, it travels close to the Lake Erie shoreline all around the island.

“The route travels quiet country roads, through small hamlets, farmland, vineyards and natural areas, and has equal sections that are paved and unpaved,” shares the site.

“The Waterfront Trail also connects to the islands’ Ecological Trail System, providing access to beaches, forests, sand dunes, marshes and alvars found nowhere else in Canada.”

The island’s tourism site also lists all of the restaurants, shops, services, and accommodations that are open for the season, making it easy to plan ahead.

As for getting around on the island, bike or car is perferred but if you decide to ditch your car, the township recommends booking on-island transportation in advance.

“If you choose to not bring a vehicle to Pelee Island, be sure to plan for on-island transportation in advance,” shares the township.

“The island is generally not walkable for the casual walker and is bigger than you think.”

If you have a free weekend in your summer schedule and aren’t sure what to do with it, consider this your sign to give Pelee a try.