Space is a gift that just keeps on giving and although we’re not sure what we’ve done to deserve it – we encourage you to brace yourself for another spectacular show.

This week don’t miss the Orionids Meteor Shower where up to 15 flaming pieces of Halley’s Comet will light up the sky every hour during its peak on Friday.

Described by NASA as ” one of the most beautiful” displays of the year, Orionid ‘shooting stars’ are bright and impressive – especially on nights when the Earth’s rocky neighbour is faint.

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To see this particular shower, jr. astronomers should travel somewhere free of the light pollution in major cities, then look toward the Orion constellation.

Snacks are also recommended, though not necessary – in addition to a comfortable chair, blankets and an eagle-eyed stargazing partner.

For more information or to read more about how this shower came to be, you can check out the link below, otherwise – happy viewing and enjoy!

There’s nothing quite like it!


When: Active until November 22nd, peaks Friday October 21st, 2022