The start of summer is around the corner, and the weather predictions are starting to roll in. The Weather Network (TWN) has released its Canada summer forecast and it looks like some provinces are in for a hotter season than others.

The weather outlet says that Canada will experience an El Niño event for the first time in three years this summer, causing a “come and go” summer across the country.

Hot and dry weather will be broken up by “shots of cooler and unsettled weather” throughout June, July, and August, says TWN.

But, cooler temperatures will dominate much of the forecast in some parts of Canada, whereas others will be hotter than average.

Here’s what each province can expect as summer heats up.

Ontario & Quebec

According to TWN, it will be a cooler summer overall in Ontario and Quebec because “the heat will lack commitment.”

“We will see periods of hot weather, but the heat will frequently be interrupted by periods of cooler weather,” says the forecast.

In Ontario, temperatures will mostly be below normal and closer to near-normal in the province’s southernmost areas.

That means fewer days above 30 C° as well as slightly above-average rainfall in southern parts of the provinces.

British Columbia

BC is in for a “very warm summer” overall, but “the heat should break at times with a few periods of cooler and unsettled weather.”

Temperatures will mostly be above normal and near-normal by the central and northern coasts.

The rain could also provide relief amid wildfire season.

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The Prairies

Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba will be treated to a “very warm summer” as well, especially across the western Prairies.

But, the summer won’t be without “strong cold fronts” which will bring periods of cooler weather at times, especially in the east.

There could also be significant rain and thunderstorms during wildfire season. Overall, temperatures in Alberta will be above normal.

Atlantic Canada

Canadians in the Maritimes can expect a relatively normal summer, with slightly warmer temperatures in the south.

A less active hurricane season is expected, but periods of dry weather will be interrupted by stormy patterns.

Northern Canada

Warmer than normal temperatures will dominate across western regions, while a cooler summer is expected across the east.

A dry summer is expected in areas west of Hudson Bay, increasing the risk of wildfires in the region.

So, there you have it — the Canada summer forecast. Stay cool out there!