Look up, night owls. This week, those willing to stay up after dark could be in for a magical display from coast to coast.

According to The University of Alaska Fairbanks and The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Canada could see the northern lights Thursday night going into the morning of December 1st, as long as the sky is clear.

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“3 CMEs already inbound; now the addition of a 4th prompted SWPC forecasters to upgrade the 1 Dec Watch to a G3,” the NOAA wrote.

“This faster-moving CME will likely merge with upstream CMEs & arrive at Earth on 1 Dec UTC-day making G3 levels possible.”

A phenomenon that occurs when charged particles collide with gases in Earth’s upper atmosphere, the Northern Lights are often visible from destinations like the Yukon, Norway and Greenland.

However, when the sun is more active, the lights are pushed down and out, giving those further away from the Earth’s poles a better seat for the natural phenomenon.

Photo via The University of Alaska Fairbanks

“Weather permitting, highly active auroral displays will be visible overhead from Inuvik, Yellowknife, Rankin and Iqaluit, to Portland OR, Cheyenne, Lincoln, Springfield, and New York City, and visible low on the horizon as far south as Carson City, Oklahoma City, and Raleigh,” The University of Alaska Fairbanks confirmed.

As always, don’t bet your life on seeing the lights dance across the sky, but stay hopeful, enthusiastic and awake.

“The best time to watch for aurora is the three or four hours around midnight, but aurora occurs throughout the night,” the University adds.

“Since clear sky and darkness are both essential to see aurora, the best time is dictated by the weather and by the sunrise and sunset times.”

Nothing is promised, but it’s looking pretty good. Good luck, bring snacks, and remember to tag us in your photos.

There’s really nothing like it!