Food’s a pretty popular thing, so it makes sense that it would be the subject of one of Canada’s most popular university courses. Recently, McGill University released a statement that their “World of Chemistry: Food” course is apparently the most popular elective course not just at the school, but across the country.

Originally created back in 1982, the course is a series of lectures all about, you guessed it, food! Those taking the course will learn the “practical” and “simple” aspects of things like food, additives, dieting, and cooking among other topics.

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So yeah, it’s a science-based approach to something that applies to all of us, no matter our diets! We can see why it became so popular, racking up over 51,000 students since it began and only getting more new students each year. Why won’t lie, we ourselves have been woefully ignorant of things as simple as what “good” and “bad” fats are, or why dieting works.

Which leads us into the next point- a version of the course is free to take online! “CHEM 181x: Food for Thought” was actually one of McGill’s first choices for Massive Open Online Courses, having launched on the edX platform way back in 2014. This simplified version of the course will still offer some serious knowledge, and the ‘audit’ version (which means you don’t get a certificate or any feedback) is free!

Now, we should mention that while McGill is claiming that this is the most popular of Canada’s elective university courses, there are some other ones that blow it outta the water if you’re counting online options. U of A’s “Indigenous Canada” course, for example, has already seen over 450,00 students enrol in it.

But hey, still fun to know about! Now get out there and get learning!