From Netflix to Disney+, Amazon Prime and Crave, we’re is spoiled for choice when it comes to streaming platforms, but there’s always room on our credit cards for one or two more, right? Canada, get ready, get set (to subscribe) because Paramount+ is coming to a smart TV nearest you.

Formally known as CBS All Access, a service that you’ve probably only ever expressed interest in because they have Big Brother After Dark, is actually in the process of being rebranded AND expanded.

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According to a press release sent out today by parent company ViacomCBS, the new app will have live sports, breaking news and “a ton of entertainment.”

Now, this is just speculation because they haven’t officially announced anything yet, but considering the company also owns networks like Showtime, Nickelodeon and MTV; as well as Comedy Central and BET in addition to CBS and Paramount, we think we can expect some pretty cool titles.

The Canadian rollout of Paramount+ will be done in phases, starting with its name change on March 4th and then the expansion later this year, so prepare yourselves, folks.

2021 might be a bingier year than last.