We’ve got some good news to share with Canada’s urban commuters and nature enthusiasts. On Friday, the federal government announced that it was committing $400 million to increase ‘active transportation’ in Canada. The money will be used over the next five years, here’s what it’s going towards!

The plan includes everything from citywide cycling paths to pedestrian bridges and walking trails. The goal is to create more accessible and healthier communities across the country, as well as support public transit options in the present and the future.

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In fact, the $400M is part of a larger $14.9B public transit investment from the government of Canada. Before this, there was no distinction between funds for types of public transport, so often, a new bike path or something was competing against bus upgrades for cashflow. Well, not anymore!

And we’re happy to hear it. Fingers crossed that cities across Canada will get a slice of the active transportation pie. For more info, you can check out the official press release right here.