Every day we are exposed to a wonderful plethora of foods on a cultural and/or creative level. Whether it be through social media, by simply exploring new restaurants in your city or thanks to food trends, we see tantalizing eats everywhere we go – or in this case, we want to try. If you love everything there is to do with food and find yourself jumping on the next food trend, then keep on reading because the annual Flavor & Trend Forecast for 2023 is out and you may be surprised what’s in the top 10.

The Hot Plate, Tag’s “food and beverage Center of Excellence for brands”, has released its 10th-anniversary report, highlighting the newest ingredients, cooking techniques, and culinary ideas that are predicted to hit the food and beverage industry in North America and Europe.

“We pour over Michelin-star menus to see what the world’s greatest chefs are doing and dig deep into consumer buying habits while monitoring social media channels to see what trends turn viral,” said the team behind this year’s list.

This year’s report also mentions past Flavor & Trend forecasts like 2018’s haute vegan and 2022’s cooking hacks. But 2013 is looking a little more… sustainable?

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According to the report, the culinary and marketing experts have unveiled the consumers’ interest for healthy snacks, nostalgic desserts that give you that warm and fuzzy feeling, and the resurgence of old-world cooking techniques. “They’ve also affirmed the gradual yet steady global shift away from eating meat and seafood,” shares the report.

Curious to know what’s up for 2023? No more waiting! Here’s the list of the top 10 F&B trends for 2023:

  1. Plant-based
  2. Crispy
  3. Curry
  4. Heritage Pasta
  5. Mindful snacking
  6. Ube
  7. Hybrid Vegetables
  8. Confit Everything
  9. Vintage desserts
  10. Cultivated Meat

Now that’s a selection. Will you be jumping on these trends? There are definitely a few that will be, if not already, major food trends to look out for.